Go-Go Girls

Go-Go Girls Are Our Motivators

They show us what's possible. They are wonderfully inspiring and make activity a beautiful thing that can be embraced, no matter how hard or crazy. The Go-Go Girls offer a variety of exercises and activities to help get you on your fitness journey.



Summer from Fat Girls Hiking

Fat Girls Hiking is a diverse body positive hiking community based in Portland, OR.  We want to take the shame & stigma out of the word FAT & empower it.  Our motto, Trails Not Scales focuses on Self Care in the outdoors. We promote weight-neutrality & Health At Every Size. Trails Not Scales reminds us that the more we hike, the more love we have for ourselves & our bodies just as they are.  We want all people to feel comfortable outdoors & to be able to claim their space on the trail. We believe that folks of all ages, sizes, shapes, races, religions, classes, abilities, genders and sexual identities should be represented & celebrated in the outdoors. Our community is for everyone! We encourage & support folks who want to get out & hike, to do so! 



Laura from Radical Body Love


Radical Body Love Coaching, Yoga, and HoopAsana is about loving yourself, it's about letting go of the past and being truly in the present. It's possible to genuinely love your body in each moment, regardless of the years of negativity you may have experienced. Through yoga, HoopAsana, or Body Love Coaching, we'll dive into the world of self-care and self-love by meeting ourselves at the intersection of yoga and body-positivity .

Radical Body Love means loving and honoring the body you have today.
You deserve to love yourself in this moment, in every moment