My Chic-eez Story-The Beginning of the Little Black Activedress™



It's the story of gaining weight and one day realizing, I'm ready to take action for myself! 
I went shopping to treat myself to some pretty activewear that would make me feel good during my journey of losing weight. But the workout clothes I saw were a bit too skimpy for me.
Being a clothing designer who LOVES dresses, I designed a dress I could work out in. I wore it to the gym and got compliments, I kept getting asked "where did you buy that?" That's when the little light bulb went off! I'm going to make this for plus-size women!
My journey of losing weight became my mission; for anybody who's ready to take action in a journey of "Fitness with Mind, Body and Soul Positivity" 
I moved everything out of my living room and made it my design studio. Chic-eez was then created and I am forever inspired.
The Chic-eez name itself represents my mission.
Chic-eez means: Always pretty, always feminine, and always chic.
Eez is the wonderful comfortable feeling to do any activity. 
I'm so excited to welcome you to a new brand that gives you the power to believe that Anything is Possible
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Yvonne Marie~Designer | Creator